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Altme's documentation

Issuer implementation

When the wallet makes a GET to the Issuer endpoint, a JSON is returned to the wallet (Issuer GET response):
"type": "CredentialOffer",
"id" : "hjhghlkjgljkgjkg",
"credentialPreview": {},
"expires" : "2022-09-01T19:29:39Z",
"challenge" : "mjh45RT56",
"domain" : "talao.co",
"credential_manifest" : {}
The “challenge” and domain arttributes will be used for DID_auth response or verifible presentation. The “credential_manifest” attribute is used to define the expected display options of the VC in the wallet (outpout_descriptors).
id, challenge and domain are optional attributes.
The wallet response will be :
"id" : "hjhghlkjgljkgjkg",
"Subjetc_id" : "did:tz:tz1e5YakmACgZZprF7YWHMqnSvcWVXZ2TsPW",
"presentation": "vp"
“vp” is a verifiable presentation as a string here.
If the credential manifest does not request any vc, a vp “did auth” is signed and sent by the wallet to confirm key ownership. Example of a vp “did auth” :
"@context": [
"type": "VerifiablePresentation",
"proof": {
"type": "Ed25519Signature2018",
"proofPurpose": "authentication",
"challenge": "lkjhlkjh",
"verificationMethod": "did:key:z6MktsB3ztEt3BsR3P6pLffDnjZi7DH85wsbp71fAfPk3F6G#z6MktsB3ztEt3BsR3P6pLffDnjZi7DH85wsbp71fAfPk3F6G",
"created": "2022-12-14T14:17:33.782Z",
"domain": "talao.co",
"jws": "eyJhbGciOiJFZERTQSIsImNyaXQiOlsiYjY0Il0sImI2NCI6ZmFsc2V9..Di0w_VVLzap9jwE2Ny7CU8dHfxY-yZWJzGzVGj7Z4XNSbeJ4aQVLfix3uGqaAjF53Lb166YY6YqwouAjRz-5Bw"
"holder": "did:key:z6MktsB3ztEt3BsR3P6pLffDnjZi7DH85wsbp71fAfPk3F6G"
Several verifiable presentations are requested in the credential manifest, wallet response will be :
"id" : "hjhghlkjgljkgjkg",
"Subject_id" : "did:tz:tzYakmACgZZprF7YWHMqnSvcWVXZ2TsPW",
"presentation" : "[ vp1, vp2, vp3,... ]"
vp1,… are strings
verifiable presentation (vp) is a credential bound with nonce if available in the request. This credential includes all the existing profile attributes if wallet holder consents.