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Altme's documentation

Issue a Welcome card in a dApp

You will need to create an Issuer.
That card is a verifiable credential and you will need to get an Issuer. This card can be used as a Pass or to gives advantages ans discounts to your users as for instance a loyalty card.
For that exemple we are going to use the Issuer “Example 1” which is available on the Sandbox platform.
After pairing with the wallet, the dApp code to launch that request is simple :
const signature = await client.requestSignPayload({
signingType: beacon.SigningType.RAW,
payload: 'Get your Welcome card ! #https://talao.co/sandbox/op/beacon/ormmcdomjv'
Example of a Welcome credential card received in Altme :
You can find the Welcome card parameters (payload and client_secret) on the platform https://talao.co/sandbox. After login, choose the Beacon Issuer integration option.
Make a copy of this issuer and generates your own issuer. You can check the process and design of the credential card with the test button.