Altme's documentation
Altme's documentation


Beacon is an awasome protocol to allow wallets and dApps to exchange data and sign transactions. All you need about Beacon is available there : https://docs.walletbeacon.io/
Integration with Beacon is extremely simple and you can test it in minutes. To initiate the protocol, it suffices to send a payload of RAW type to the signature of the wallet.
This payload will contain a message to your liking and an URL that you will obtain on the Altme Sandbox platform : https://talao.co
The URL is given just after the fragment “#” with no space. Example with a RAW message :
'Get your Welcome card ! #https://talao.co/sandbox/op/beacon/ormmcdomjv?id=1234'
User will be asked to sign the payload as usual but just after Altme wallet will start a process to request a credential to an issuer or present a credential to a verifier.
User will be asked to sign the payload then to accept or reject the credential offered by an Issuer (or to select the credentials requested by a Verifier).
Those verifiable credentials (https://www.w3.org/TR/vc-data-model/) are json signed file stored in the smartphone.
A verifiable credential of a natural person (user) is stored off-chain as it is personal data. The subject of the credential is the Decentralized IDentity (DID) attached to the wallet. This identity is protected by a private key stored in the wallet aside the crypto privates keys.
Basically Beacon is used to initiate a Self Sovereign Identity standard protocol to request or present verifiable credentials/ verifiable presentations to issuers or verifiers. Other protocols like OpenId 4 SSI or WACI exist.