Altme's documentation
Altme's documentation

On-chain and off-chain access with TezID

The solution offered by TezID and Altme now provides the developer of a Web3 application on Tezos with this “turnkey” solution. The Verifier therefore becomes an off and on chain module providing the Web3 developer with an access point through APIs and entry points on a dedicated smart contract.
It allows the implementation in a few minutes of complex use cases such as multi-criteria onboarding (age group x location x KYC, etc.) while respecting user privacy.
It is possible to access on-chain and off-chain the addresses status through TezID. https://blog.tezid.net/tezid-9d82efbba006​
At it’s core TezID is a Smart Contract with registered addresses and verified proofs for each address.
TezID is composed of smart contracts to store the list of addresses associated with an on-chain verifier (proof type) and APIs to consult these off-chain addresses.
The documentation is available here https://github.com/tezid/docs#the-oracle-api​
Example of the on-chain view on Ghostnet https://ghostnet.tzkt.io/KT1N2HacRzgmKZNmJ6DzRJ9q5bLVUvT6ZdnB/views​
For our Over13 example the verifier proof type is tuaitvcrkl , see transaction https://ghostnet.tzkt.io/tz1iAAJhH465Cf3BnsKQ744XHypQGY1v7Ps9/operations/​
In order to guarantee the protection of personal data, the criteria (proof type) are accessible only through the platform https://talao.co .