Altme's documentation
Altme's documentation

Altme Web3 issuer

Altme Web3 Issuer is a SSI issuer for web3 use cases

Altme Web3 Issuer supports more than 20 credentials see : https://talao.co//sandbox/saas4ssi/credential_supported .
Alltme Web3 Issuer provides verifiable credentials in the format of Self Sovereign Identity for users of Crypto games, NFT Marketplaces, DeFi and Metaverse. Verifiable Credentials are off-chain data container, for privacy protection and GDPR compliance they are never published on-chain as NFT or SBTs.
Many credentials are today available specifically for Web3 use cases :
  • Loyalty cards and vouchers for gaming platforms
  • Custom Gamer Pass and DeFi pass
  • Mobile device information
  • Discord or Twitter account proof
  • Age Over 13 and Age Over 18 credential
  • Age range credential
  • Nationality proof
  • Residency proof
  • AML check
  • Verifiable ID (EBSI/ESSIF)
  • Unique identifier for DAO voting
  • Email proof and Phone proof for authentication
  • Verifiable credentials for blockchain account proof of ownership for Tezos, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom and Binance chain
  • Company pass
Wallet rendering of Age Over verifiable credentials in Altme Wallet
We apply the principle of data minimization and thus credentials always carry the minimum data required for user needs. All credential data are displayed in the wallet for user data control.

Altme Web3 Issuer partners for identification

Identification is a complex activity. In order to guarantee the best level of quality, Altme has selected 2 recognized companies for the production of basic data:
Yoti: https://www.yoti.com/: The partnership we have with Yoti concerns its activity in artificial intelligence and in particular the ability to assess the age of a user based on photos of identify. This approach has the advantage of allowing a rapid evaluation with a margin of error of less than 2 years in 90% of cases. Using an AI helps to minimize friction with Web3 users who are not inclined to present their ID card for further identification. Based on Yoti’s age rating, Altme is able to sign proof of age +13, +18 and age range.
Passbase: https://passbase.com: The partnership with Passbase concerns its identification activity with 3D liveness test and authentication of documents (driver’s license, identity card or passport). Based on the information provided by Passbase Altme is able to sign credentials with the bare minimum of data: proof of nationality, residence, birth date, sex, age and of course the standard DeFI KYC and AML. A unique identification number for voting in DAOs is also available.

Altme Web3 Issuer DID

Altme Issuer DID is did:web:app.altme.io:issuer
"@context": [
"@id": "https://w3id.org/security#publicKeyJwk",
"@type": "@json"
"assertionMethod": [
"authentication": [
"capabilityInvocation": [
"id": "did:web:app.altme.io:issuer",
"keyAgreement": [
"verificationMethod": [
"controller": "did:web:app.altme.io:issuer",
"id": "did:web:app.altme.io:issuer#key-1",
"publicKeyJwk": {
"crv": "Ed25519",
"kty": "OKP",
"x": "FUoLewH4w4-KdaPH2cjZbL--CKYxQRWR05Yd_bIbhQo"
"type": "JwsVerificationKey2020"
Altme Issuer DID Document is available through the DIF Universal Resolver : https://dev.uniresolver.io/

Altme used some other DIDs (deprecated)

  • Tezos Mainnet : did:tz:tz1NyjrTUNxDpPaqNZ84ipGELAcTWYg6s5Du
  • DNS : did:web:talao.co
  • Ethereum Mainnet : did:ethr:0x61fb76ff95f11bdbcd94b45b838f95c1c7307dbd