Altme's documentation
Altme's documentation

Altme Wallet

Altme Wallet is an universal wallet

The Altme Wallet that we offer is a so-called “Universal” wallet. Altme Wallet is a user friendly SSI mobile wallet with crypto features.
It is universal in that it allows you to manage in the same mobile application both your cryptos, NFT and your identity data in a decentralized way.
Identity must be understood in the broadest sense, this of course includes identity documents but also the personal data of our associative, cultural, professional and economic life.
Altme is simply an electronic version of the wallet we’ve had in our pockets for years. A Universal wallet is ultimately very common.
The Altme Wallet is a new generation of wallet, it is likely that in the medium term other provider wallets will see the benefit of associating data with the transfer of assets. identity allows a third party to manage its risk in an exchange. Identity is essential in any economic system.
An universal wallet is a wallet that carries the private keys of its crypto accounts and the verifiable credentials of its decentralized identity.
An universal wallet can buy, transfer and receive cryptos and NFTs and also can receive, store and present verifiable credentials.
The 3 most important screens of Altme Wallet with NFTs, Cryptos and Cards (verifiable credentials) carry by one user.
This also implies that a universal wallet supports both connection protocols with a dApp such as Beacon (or its walletConnect equivalent on EVM) and SSI protocols (WACI PEX, SIOPv2, …DIDComm,..).
Altme Wallet is available on Apple Store and Google Play .

Altme Wallet is a user friendly SSI wallet ready for production use

Everyone knows that SSI wallets are boring and their interface is not very well done. The fact is that there are few SSI wallets available on the market and many SSI wallets are only Proof of Concept with relatively few real users.
The particularity of Altme Wallet is that it is also a crypto wallet and that the market and the level of user experience of crypto wallets is extremely high and has been for several years.
Altme Wallet’s design teams have therefore set out to create a wallet whose user experience and interface are as efficient as the best crypto wallets on the market. Moreover, the interface is improved every day with feedback from many users of SSI-Web3 applications currently in production.
In order to allow Issuers to provide the best UX and UI, the Altme Wallet implement the DIF Wallet Rendering standards https://identity.foundation/wallet-rendering/.
Wallet rendering of crypto games membership cards as verifiable credentials in Altme Wallet

Altme Wallet credentials and keys backup and recovery

Safeguarding verifiable cerdentials and private keys associated with cypto accounts and the key to one’s identity is fundamental.
With regard to private keys, it is possible to save your passphrase of 12 keywords in BIP39 format (https://iancoleman.io/bip39/) which contains both the private key of your identity and those of your crypto accounts.
As specified above, the derivation of the blockchain and identity keys is different to avoid any possible correlation.
With regard to the saving of verifiable credentials, it is possible to save them encrypted on the medium of your choice with, to simplify, the same passphrase of 12 keywords