⬇️Download Altme Wallet from Apple or Google store

To set your Decentralized Identity, you first need to use the AltMe Wallet which supports Identity and crypto features. At the end of this process you will have your own Decentralized Identity (DID).

  1. Go to Apple store or Google store to get the app installed on your smartphone.

  2. Launch the app, you can create a wallet as a crypto wallet setup with a new passphrase or new addresses or you can create a wallet through a passphrase import from your prefered crypto wallet. If you do so you should see all your cryptos and NFTs as any standard crypto wallet.

  3. After having installed and setup your wallet, on the Discover screen click to get an Email Proof blue card.

  4. Enter your email, enter the secret code received in your email box and follow the instructions on the mobile wallet screens.

You have now recieved your first verifiable credential.

You can also display your own Decentralized Identifier (DID) in the menu Settings/Show Decentralized ID. It starts with β€œdid:key”. Your DID is attached to a private key

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