Altme's documentation
Altme's documentation

Altme Saas

Altme Saas is a low code solution to build Issuers and Verifiers in minutes

Altme Saas is a next-generation platform to integrate Decentralized Identity solutions in an application.
Altme Saas is a no code or low code platform to generate issuers and verifiers. The platform is an open source project : https://github.com/TalaoDAO/sandbox​
To use Altme Saas, you don’t need to learn Verifiable Credentials standards, DIDs signature or how to work with a complex an unstable SDK.
Instead, Altme Saas uses OpenID for Web2 aplications and dapp-to-wallet protocols for Web3 applications as a simple and familiar method to integrate issuers and verifiers. All the complexity of the protocols and standards used by SSI wallets are managed by the platform. You can focus on your application and leave Altme Saas manages authentication, identification or credential issuance.
For web2 applications Altme Saas is compliant with NodejS, Python, Ruby, Go, C, PHP, Java, Wordpress, Webflow….
For web3 applications Altme Saas supports WalletConnect and Tezos Beacon.Documentation :
The Altme Saas platform is in Beta, access is free : https://talao.co​