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Verify the age of your users (+13, +18) in a dApp

Access to NFT marketplaces is legitimately limited to children. Controlling the age of your users is fundamental. With Altme you have a quick solution that is easy to set up.
Those “cards” are verifiable credentials and you will need to setup a Verifier to check them.
For that exemple we are going to use the Verifier Over 13 and Over 18 which are available on the Sandbox platform (Beacon Verifier).
After pairing with the wallet, the dApp code to launch that request is simple :
Here are the calls to integrate in your dApp through a payload request for signature (both Verifiers are available on https://talao.co):
Example of an Over13 check :
  • verifier id : tuaitvcrkl
  • verifier secret : d461d33c-550f-11ed-90f5-0a1628958560
  • TezID proof type : tuaitvcrkl
const signature = await client.requestSignPayload({
signingType: beacon.SigningType.Raw,
payload: 'I am over 13 years old#https://talao.co/sandbox/op/beacon/verifier/tuaitvcrkl?id=1234'
Example of an Over18 check
  • verifier id : jvlfopeogt
  • verifier secret : c8f90f24-5506-11ed-b15e-0a1628958560
const signature = await client.requestSignPayload({
signingType: beacon.SigningType.RAW,
payload: 'I am over 18 years old#https://talao.co/sandbox/op/beacon/verifier/jvlfopeogt?id=1234'
The user will be asked to prove their age with a credential.
You can set up your own verifiers to receive data and verify your users’ credentials.
NB : The “id” argument is useful to attach data to a web session or a blockchain address. That address could be for instance the one provided by Beacon after pairing.